Thursday, March 31, 2016

Human Clutter

Hello dear reader, got clutter?

Some of us were standing around at Unity Church, after a meeting. A white haired retired soldier told us he is still finding stuff to throw away. “Why do we keep it so long?” he asked. We pondered why,  and decided that clutter, stuff appropriate yet inappropriate, seems to be the universal human condition. We felt some unity at this. And someone said how Oprah’s magazine runs the same front page de-clutter headline in the same month, year after year.

An improve actress said, “And we seem to feel that we are bad people…”

We contemplated. I said, “I’ll tell you how hard it is for me. It’s like the time I had to take remedial math in university. (I had failed math in high school) One day I’m in one of those coffee shops with hard round seats, Robins Donuts. And I knew I had to study math. So I told myself that I wasn’t allowed to leave until I had it done. Well. I was there for hours, and then the seat started hurting like mad, before I finally started my work. (Got it all done) That’s how hard it is for me to start de-cluttering.”

We laughed. Sometimes the human condition is made for sharing and laughter.

That was last night. Now my sense of humor is drying down into parched ground. Clutter. All I can say is: I’m a teeny bit sad, and a tiny bit mad. The equivalent of my cafĂ© counter stool is: I could avoid the Internet and avoid composing fresh essays for several days. And I could even go out of town rather than face my clutter. But at last, like facing a steel seat, I’ll surely get to it, and then resume posting here. Meanwhile, I surely won’t make a post here next week.

Sean Crawford

Calgary, March 2016

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